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malice / злоба, злой умысел, злость
имя существительное
malice, spite, rancor, venom, malevolence, despite
злой умысел
malice, device, design
anger, spite, malice, dander
имя существительное
the intention or desire to do evil; ill will.
I bear no malice toward anybody
Consequently it limited the damages in such cases unless the plaintiff proved actual malice .
There are those who have tainted their blood with evil and malice .
I bear no malice toward anybody
If you scratch the surface, you will see a planet riddled with malice and evil.
His eyes did not hold the malice they held that day in the forest.
Very often I was motivated by malice , but that is not the point.
She said carefully, though the malice in her tone wasn't easy to hide.
He took a step closer to her, a mocking malice in his eyes.
His words are spoken quickly, but there is no evidence of direct malice in his tone.
His voice had shock in it but it was still with malice in his voice.