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malformation / мальформация, порок развития, уродство
имя существительное
порок развития
ugliness, deformity, malformation, monstrosity, disfigurement, eyesore
имя существительное
a deformity; an abnormally formed part of the body.
Doctors said that I was born with a cleft palate and lip - both congenital malformations of the face.
They found that absorption of heat caused damage to the ciliary body leading to malformation of the lens.
malformation of one or both ears
Radiosurgery can effectively cure a number of abnormalities, arteriovenous malformation , acoustic tumors, or meningiomas.
When cerebrovascular malformation , aneurysm, cerebral venous thrombosis, or arteritis is suspected, MRI or MRA is preferred.
The mother is informed about the possibility of termination, but is also given maximum information about the risk of malformation .
Frequent sauna use may also cause fetal malformation in pregnant women, but study results are inconsistent.
The ultrasound measurements did not allow a determination between classifying this as a high or low anorectal malformation .
Dandy-Walker Malformation is a rare malformation of the brain that is present at birth (congenital).
So it may be advisable for babies with this type of lymphatic malformation to have chromosomal analysis performed.
The differential diagnosis included metastatic lymphoma, epidural abscess, hematoma, and vascular malformation .