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malefactor / злоумышленник, злодей, преступник
имя существительное
villain, fiend, malefactor, miscreant, cannibal, heavy
criminal, offender, culprit, perpetrator, delinquent, malefactor
имя существительное
a person who commits a crime or some other wrong.
Good policing and tough sentencing have pushed New York to a tipping point, deterring some potential malefactors from crime.
She must have been a terrible malefactor indeed if her crimes are in proportion to her penalty.
Ahead of us lie the supposedly reliable computerized ID systems that can identify malefactors with long-range cameras.
Besides identifying malefactors , grand jurors were to discern problems of public order.
I have heard stories of her riding on a green horse and righting wrongs caused by malefactors , but I have never seen her.
His prayers, if for the souls of the malefactors , may remain private; they cannot be publicly understood.
First, it was admitted in court that West's name was only included on the list of malefactors to ‘even things out‘.
This led to the revelation of all George's malefactions .
What does it have to do with the fact that the malefactors cannot be prosecuted for car theft?
I mean, this is malefaction , unimaginable violence against young women.
Similarly, public execution by hanging was not unheard of, constituting an efficient means of ridding ‘the colony of malefactors .’