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malarkey / чепуха, выдумка, небылица
имя существительное
nonsense, stuff, crap, applesauce, malarkey, baloney
artifice, invention, fiction, fabrication, story, malarkey
fable, fairy tale, malarkey, romance, fairy story
имя существительное
meaningless talk; nonsense.
don't give me that malarkey
Sure, there's all that inner peace malarkey , but maybe there's something else going on?
Do halos work of the same colour scale as that aura malarkey ?
This whole new James Bond malarkey is never going to end, is it?
Now amongst other things, I'm a student of natural history and a little bit sceptical about all this Global Warming malarkey .
Not surprisingly, given our growing national devotion to mystical malarkey , Irish people are flocking to this supernatural health centre.
All of us in the band are having to learn about this showbiz malarkey as we go along.
Happy Birthday to me, and all that kind of malarkey !
Hopefully the new system will be worth this small loss, particularly if it brings an end to that irritating 400 character limit malarkey .
I really don't think I'm cut out from this expat malarkey .
Don't put your eggs into one basket and all that malarkey .