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maladroit / неловкий, бестактный
имя прилагательное
awkward, clumsy, uneasy, ungainly, gauche, maladroit
tactless, tasteless, maladroit, indelicate, clumsy, undiplomatic
имя прилагательное
ineffective or bungling; clumsy.
This has been an extremely clumsy maladroit approach on the part of the US economic team.
This he contrasts to the maladroit policies pursued by the natives after they acquired independence - which included high tariffs, industrial planning, labor protection, and the like.
In one measured, maladroit motion - only after he had lined up the shot with the ball resting in his right palm - O'Neal aimed and fired.
Allen, of course, hotly denies this, arguing that his lusty, maladroit , cowardly, witty and nebbish persona is a comic archetype.
A shame, then; in the book reviewed here… a picture gradually emerges of the artist as a cantankerous and socially maladroit buffoon.
But her long harsh sentence is cockeyed, as is Peter Beattie's very disappointing and uncharacteristically maladroit response.
Measured against other degenerate cultures, we are still, in some respects, at the stage of a touchingly maladroit infancy.
The results included muddled avant-garde theatrical staging techniques and insensitive and maladroit portraits of African Americans.
A single maladroit quip or an unscripted dramatic moment on the campaign trail could spell the difference between victory and defeat.
Clinton's maladroit staffing decisions contributed to the political turmoil of his initial years in the White House.
Perhaps I'm too cynical, but only commercial reasons spring to my mind when I try to justify this maladroit wraparound device.