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maladjusted / неотрегулированный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
failing or unable to cope with the demands of a normal social environment.
maladjusted behavior
They are socially maladjusted , and attention and dependence seeking.
At 60, Steve is a maverick of maladjusted moments.
If so, is the maladjusted economy poised for a spurt of activity with the positive resolution of today's acute geopolitical concerns?
You could survey a women's prison for six months and not find this many maladjusted , misguided females or omnipresent social ills.
This, clearly, is credit creation of very poor quality for an already maladjusted economy and increasingly unstable financial system.
High scorers are viewed as maladjusted , whiney, demanding, and quick-tempered.
I mean, I don't usually go out on a Friday night intending to get punched by maladjusted boyfriends.
Your not maladjusted , your just too damn smart for your own good.
They were emotionally troubled, or socially maladjusted , or marginal in some more or less unattractive way, or quaintly anachronistic.
Moreover, the maladjusted financial and economic systems function sporadically and poorly with only ‘minimal stimulation.’