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making / изготовление, создание, производство
имя существительное
manufacture, production, making, fabrication, make
creature, creation, development, making, formation, coinage
production, manufacture, manufacturing, making, make, fabrication
имя прилагательное
doing, making
creating, making
имя существительное
the process of making or producing something.
the making of videos
money made; earnings or profit.
essential qualities or ingredients needed for something.
a film with all the makings of a cinematic success
the making of videos
The essence of these reforms is to further promote and facilitate the making of agreements at the workplace level.
Should children not be involved in the actual making of those films?
Mr Goldberg accepts in those circumstances that Mr Brannigan orally authorised the making of the application.
But Parker and Stone confirm the actual making of the film has been laborious and exhausting.
the making of videos
The applicant contends that he did not authorise the making of those consent orders.
Moreover, actual decision making was more complex than simply one drug and its attendant cluster of factors.
For example, we developed every major innovation in the iron and steel making process.
Deputy French took a small white bag of tobacco from his shirt pocket, shaking the makings into a waiting cigarette paper, he began to roll it round.