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makeweight / довесок, добавка, противовес
имя существительное
makeweight, appendant
additive, addition, adjunct, dopant, makeweight
counterweight, counterbalance, counter, balance, counterpoise, makeweight
имя существительное
something put on a scale to make up the required weight.
I've got my little bag of foreign coins out as a makeweight , so let's see…
The three concertos added as makeweight were recorded in 1982-83.
The only way he would join a bigger side is if he was used as a makeweight in a transfer deal.
this suggestion was thrown in as a makeweight
Da Capo place the Second Symphony last on disc thus leaving Nielsen's refreshing thoughts on man's four temperaments as a thoughtful makeweight .
It has been mooted, though, that Rangers defender Michael Ball could be a makeweight to ensure the deal looks good on paper for all sides.
France, after the shock of defeat by Prussia in the war of 1870-1, began to look to its cultural achievements as a makeweight to military failure.
In search of much-needed cohesion in the second half, Benitez sent on Antonio Nunez, the winger who was a makeweight in the deal that took Michael Owen to Real Madrid.
he has waited a long time to establish himself after two years as squad makeweight
use it for casserole toppings or makeweight in meatloaf
The Mozart ‘Haffner,’ which serves as a makeweight for Bruckner's Fifth, was recorded in 1976.