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makeshift / импровизированный, временный
имя прилагательное
improvised, impromptu, makeshift, extemporaneous, extempore, offhand
temporary, temporal, interim, provisional, transient, makeshift
имя существительное
palliative, makeshift, stopgap
replacement, exchange, change, substitution, substitute, makeshift
временное приспособление
makeshift, lash-up
имя прилагательное
serving as a temporary substitute; sufficient for the time being.
arranging a row of chairs to form a makeshift bed
имя существительное
a temporary substitute or device.
We're looking at a matchup between makeshifts on Saturday.
The children looked at her dully as they used the legs of the gates as makeshift soccer goals.
The looters are using makeshift boats made of pieces of styrofoam to access.
Today, the home is also falling into disrepair, with junk and makeshift sheds littering the massive garden.
Victoria laid the fragile child in her arms on the hard wooden bench they used as a makeshift bed.
it was only a makeshift camp
All over town, he says, kids would be hitting golf balls, sometimes with makeshift clubs.
So makeshift solutions were invented, revived and refined to get back a certain air of balance.
Perhaps a few stone-aged Ciboney reached the island on makeshift rafts of floating logs.
So gone are the days when cruise travelers had to made do with makeshift facilities.
All political parties are bound by their own ideological limits and do not want to make any makeshift of it.