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maker / создатель, творец, векселедатель
имя существительное
creator, maker, author, originator, architect, father
creator, maker, author, architect, father, moulder
maker, promiser
имя существительное
a person or thing that makes or produces something.
a cabinetmaker
God; the Creator.
Our Maker wants us to succeed, to fulfill our unique spiritual purpose, and to discover and cocreate the life of our dreams.
The antivirus software maker blamed unsold inventory and a general sales slowdown for the slump.
We're trying to find the origin of the maker and also the end user of these products.
Neither the Mac maker nor chip manufacturer have commented on the claim.
It's likely to include some author of programme maker plugging their wares at some point.
In the latter case they were usually standard commercial products of the panel maker .
I'm looking ahead to the next 50 and all that this ol' life has to offer untill my maker calls me home!!
The court, however, has chided the software maker for failing to produce much in the way of evidence at all.
And the car maker has taken up the challenge by designing a vehicle with women in mind.
If it is applicable, it results in a contract being construed against its maker .
Increased competition from generic drug makers have hit sales of their patented products.