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make-up / макияж, косметика, состав
имя существительное
makeup, maquillage, war-paint
cosmetics, cosmetic, makeup, cosmetology, toiletry, maquillage
composition, compound, makeup, train, constitution, consist
имя существительное
cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance.
the composition or constitution of something.
studying the makeup of ocean sediments
the arrangement of type, illustrations, etc., on a printed page.
page makeup
a supplementary test or assignment given to a student who missed or failed the original one.
Tony has a makeup exam
However, the president said yesterday if Nelson submits a medical he would make sure she received a make-up test.
Our loyal repeat participants tell us that one of the most appealing features of our trips is the small size and make-up of the groups.
Philosophy Like science is heavily influenced by the psychological make-up of the person doing the thinking.
So she went off into the make-up trailer and my make-up artist came, and said ‘you've got to come, you've got to come’.
Of equal importance in experiential terms, however, was the psychological make-up of individuals as well as communities and cultures.
His psychological make-up would baffle Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and every Freudian shrink outside a Woody Allen movie.
Why do our churches not generally reflect the ethnic make-up of the society they are in?
Then there was the excitement of starting to do our own page make-up , having bought a Compugraphic typesetting machine.
Her psychological and political make-up was based on the proposition ‘I am right.’
I left my make-up bag under that, and then I started opening drawers.