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make-believe / притворство, выдумка, фантазия
имя существительное
pretense, hypocrisy, sham, dissimulation, affectation, make-believe
artifice, invention, fiction, fabrication, story, make-believe
fantasy, imagination, fancy, phantasy, fantasia, make-believe
имя прилагательное
mock, feigned, sham, pretended, simulated, make-believe
imaginary, fancied, visionary, notional, imaginable, make-believe
fictional, made, spoof, fabled, made-up, make-believe
имя прилагательное
imitating something real; pretend.
he was firing a make-believe gun at the spy planes
имя существительное
the action of pretending or imagining, typically that things are better than they really are.
she's living in a world of make-believe
pretend; imagine.
Brenda rode along, make-believing she was a knight riding to the rescue
The virtual, as associated with VR, is seen as a kind of pretend reality, or make-believe .
And the judge said ‘Guilty’ in a make-believe trial and slapped the sheriff on the back with a smile
If only I could have lived in that make-believe world where a mother displayed her affection for her daughter without hesitation.
This is when hundreds of communists and non-communists ‘confessed’ to make-believe crimes in show trials.
Collect any piece of clothing or accessory that could lend itself to make-believe .
However, I am deeply concerned with what goes on within the REAL world not the make-believe one of Hollywood.
Of course all photography is illusion, all cinema make-believe .
But I have learned the hard way that Superman is make-believe .
Nigel Hadgkiss can make-believe all he wants in the Tool Shed this week while he protects the murderers in the industry, all he's done so far is make Inspector Clouseau look like Perry Mason.
It must be nice to live in the land of make-believe .