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make / марка, изготовление, производство
имя существительное
mark, stamp, make, model, markka, tap
manufacture, production, making, fabrication, make
production, manufacture, manufacturing, making, make, fabrication
do, make, create, pull, set about, confect
produce, manufacture, make, generate, effect, create
make, commit, perform, accomplish, effect, administer
имя существительное
the manufacturer or trade name of a particular product.
the make, model, and year of his car
the making of electrical contact.
form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create.
my grandmother made a dress for me
cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about.
the drips had made a pool on the floor
compel (someone) to do something.
she bought me a brandy and made me drink it
constitute; amount to.
they made an unusual duo
gain or earn (money or profit).
he'd made a lot of money out of hardware
Despite the involvement of 1000 people in the rioting, the story didn't make the front page.
the best way to disarm your critics is to make them laugh
Roughly eight million bits make a megabyte.
It has been an interesting experience and I have a few observations to make after years of reader feedback.
If I can get to Hammersmith by twenty to one in the morning I can make the very last train into Richmond.
this will make a real mess of your work
When things got really bad I would buy a wreck, do it up and make a bigger profit.
Seán won't be able to make the meeting
With a sharp instrument or nail, make marks in the doors at these two points.
The door swung open and a flurry of snow came in and quickly started to make pools on the floor.