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majority / большинство, совершеннолетие, чин майора
имя существительное
most, majority, many, major, generality, better part
adulthood, age, majority, maturity, emancipation, matureness
чин майора
имя существительное
the greater number.
in the majority of cases all will go smoothly
the age when a person is legally considered a full adult, in most contexts either 18 or 21.
David was not convicted of a criminal offence after the age of majority .
the rank or office of a major.
In 1872 Captain Macfarlane was promoted to majority .
If it is wrong to do it prior to majority, it is wrong to do it immediately after majority .
Without this shift, Kerry would have had a popular majority of a million votes.
Labour retained the seat with a majority of 9,830
They constitute the great majority of the people.
In 1872 Captain Macfarlane was promoted to majority .
The majority of respondents had received their basic nursing education at the baccalaureate level.
Just before Thanksgiving, Senate majority leader Tom Daschle ducked questions about the military tribunals.
In the end, the most vicious electoral battle of 2005 was won with a majority of 823 votes.
But, if he wants to change his name by deed poll, Batigol will have to wait until the age of majority .
The maternal subsidy would vary in proportion to the number of their children under the age of majority .