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major / майор, большинство, совершеннолетний
имя существительное
most, majority, many, major, generality, better part
имя прилагательное
large, major, big, coarse, massive, heavy
large, great, greater, big, high, major
main, major, chief, principal, primary, head
имя прилагательное
important, serious, or significant.
the use of drugs is a major problem
(of a scale) having an interval of a semitone between the third and fourth degrees and the seventh and eighth degrees.
The number of bells in a peal varies from three to 12, usually tuned to a diatonic major scale, or part of one.
(of a term) occurring as the predicate in the conclusion of a categorical syllogism.
The argument is said to commit the fallacy of Illicit Process of the Major Term.
(appended to a surname in some schools) indicating the elder of two brothers.
Brown major had a trick of bringing up unpleasant topics.
имя существительное
an army officer of high rank, in particular (in the US Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps) an officer ranking above captain and below lieutenant colonel.
One e-mail avowed that too many majors and lieutenant colonels flounder in their first joint assignments.
a major key, interval, or scale.
The first modulates from the tonic key and concludes with a cadence in a related key, usually the dominant for pieces in the major , the relative major for pieces in the minor.
a student's principal subject or course of study.
They are required to have a college diploma at least, and their majors in universities must be related to law or psychology.
a major world organization, company, or competition.
it's not unreasonable to believe someone can win all four majors
a person of full legal age.
specialize in (a particular subject) at a college or university.
I was trying to decide if I should major in drama or English
I can still remember the effect of his G major sonata, a decade after the concert.
Austria shares the major findings of the Commission in its Regular Report on Bulgaria.
You don't have to be a math major to see that his plan is just plain dumb for retirees.
Only one major EU nation will allow unrestricted immigration immediately.
It is the first major film the Star Wars actor, from Crieff, has made in the town where he got his first theatrical break.
Heart disease and strokes are major causes of death and ill health in the Western Health Board region.
The health fair in February was the second major project the group has undertaken.
The head of the corps would have the title of colonel but receive the lower pay of an army major .
Brown major had a trick of bringing up unpleasant topics.
Shares in major airlines and travel-related companies fell particularly sharply.