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maintenance / обслуживание, содержание, поддержание
имя существительное
service, maintenance, handling, attendance
content, contents, maintenance, substance, keep, keeping
maintenance, sustenance, sustentation
имя прилагательное
maintenance, for repair, remedial
имя существительное
the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained.
crucial conditions for the maintenance of democratic government
the provision of financial support for a person's living expenses, or the support so provided.
An estimated 34% of new entrants benefited from some form of means-tested financial maintenance support.
the former offense of aiding a party in a legal action without lawful cause.
That is why I referred to barratry and the old common law rules about maintenance and champerty.
Today the doors of the civil courts are open for us in issues of custody, alimony, maintenance , guardianship and shared property.
The crucial role played by rhetoric and the aesthetic in the making, maintenance , and continuation of law has been investigated in recent years by Peter Goodrich.
Our graphs will therefore be of acquisition, maintenance , and related conditions.
Experts say that the situation would not turn so critical every summer if proper maintenance is carried out and the distribution system is kept in good shape.
I am pleased to inform Mrs Powell the centre has reopened after some essential maintenance work.
The appeal was launched 18 months ago and aims to fund essential maintenance work and the development of the Cathedral.
essential maintenance work
That is why I referred to barratry and the old common law rules about maintenance and champerty.
car maintenance
But there are no guarantees for any of the sacked workers on pensions, re-employment or maintenance of wages and conditions of work.