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mainstream / основное направление, главная линия
имя существительное
основное направление
главная линия
mainstream, trunk
имя существительное
the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts.
companies that are bringing computers to the mainstream of American life
имя прилагательное
belonging to or characteristic of the mainstream.
mainstream politics
bring (something) into the mainstream.
vegetarianism has been mainstreamed
The CD comprises 13 tunes from mainstream through Cape jazz and goema to hip-hop.
Again, the guidance urges the quick re-integration of pupils into mainstream schools.
Traditional French staples, including baguettes, are mainstream in the cities.
Analysts and IT boffins are confident that the technology is going to be mainstream before very long.
Both came from mainstream ranching traditions and initially recoiled at the new philosophy.
I don't think they want a major confrontation when they are desperate to enter the mainstream of politics.
The government has made it clear that it wishes to see more special needs children entering mainstream schools.
Crucially, these ideas were not developed in the mainstream of political discourse but on the margins and then popularised.
Several people feared putting special schools and mainstream schools on one site would lead to bullying of disabled children.
Heads are now permitted to exclude difficult pupils from mainstream classes for a maximum of 15 days.