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mainspring / главная движущая сила, источник, ходовая пружина
имя существительное
главная движущая сила
mainspring, primum mobile
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, mainspring
ходовая пружина
имя существительное
the principal spring in a watch, clock, or other mechanism.
You are rotating and moving the loaded cylinder forward as well as extending the breech block while compressing the mainspring and cylinder hushing spring.
something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity.
innovation is the mainspring of the new economy
In Murphy's account, the mainspring of Douglas's public career was his aching, but never fulfilled, ambition for the presidency.
I would be very careful in replacing a mainspring with one that is less than half as strong as the former.
If we were told that there was a watch without a mainspring , we would hardly be reassured by the further information that it had, however, an infinite train of gear-wheels.
The mainspring of his production has been pleasure.
The actual percussion lock has been modernized to include a coil mainspring and parts proven reliable and trouble-free.
‘When you take the slide off the frame, the mainspring is either a captured-type or loose,’ Jorgensen says.
The vital mainspring in this process is the party, just as the vital mainspring in the mechanism of the party is its leadership.
The mainspring , and other parts do need to be checked and cleaned a little further.
In short, cybercash is viewed as the mainspring in the emergence of ‘virtual capitalism’
What they've done is built a locking mechanism into the mainspring housing of the 1911 design.