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maim / калечить, увечить
cripple, maim, mangle, mutilate, hamstring, disable
maim, mutilate, lame
имя существительное
injury, trauma, maim
wound, injury, sore, cut, hurt, maim
cut, maim
wound or injure (someone) so that part of the body is permanently damaged.
100,000 soldiers were killed or maimed
They deliberately went out to kill and maim innocent people.
He said it made sense to swap the deer for the geese, since the male deer at the zoo would fight among themselves and kill or maim each other.
He then claims he will permanently maim the younger man - one fears the worst - but, in fact, does no such thing.
There are many more people who helped me, but they'll probably maim me for life if I were to mention their names.
Not only does the noise go on for hours but these infernal machines kill or maim thousands of hedgehogs, frogs and fledglings every spring and summer.
We know that a percentage of those with good intentions will take the risk and ignore the advice, even though they know they are breaking the law and may well kill or maim someone.
And I don't think any player goes on the field to deliberately hurt or maim someone.
He was travelling to work by train when a huge bomb ripped through his carriage, killing and maiming other passengers.
Furthermore, motorists are responsible for killing, injuring and maiming large numbers of other road users - often those not in cars.
The last thing I needed was to be maimed by a wild animal two hours before my birthday.