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mailbox / почтовый ящик
имя существительное
почтовый ящик
mailbox, postbox, post, letter-box
имя существительное
a public box with a slot into which mail is placed for collection by the post office.
He sealed, addressed, and stamped it before tucking it under his pocket and going for a brief walk down to the nearest public mailbox .
For a person with very strong Internet relationships like me, you can imagine how many emails in my mailbox after two or three days of absence.
I got the mail from the shiny brass mailbox at the end of our long front yard.
Incoming mail, unless it's personal, is scanned and arrives not in a physical mailbox but on computer, along with e-mail.
Yesterday, when I cleared my mailbox , there was nearly three times as much junk mail as there were genuine letters and bills.
After dropping the delivery in a mailbox , Ward moves on to another house.
Or, I can watch the film and then mail it back to Netflix from any U.S. Postal Service mailbox .
The email service was restored today, after a fashion, and, providing no more than 32 messages were in my mailbox , I was able to download mail as normal.
The mailbox on its wooden post had been re-decorated numerous times, each time being adorned with a different design.
The programmer opens a mailbox and does his routine programming work.
If you suspect mail theft, get a lockable mailbox or rent a Post Office box.