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mail / почта, кольчуга, почтовый перевод
имя существительное
mail, post, post office
mail, chain armor, chain-mail, hauberk, coat of mail, brigandine
почтовый перевод
money order, mail
имя прилагательное
mail, postal, post, post office
посылать по почте
mail, remit
сдавать на почту
покрывать кольчугой
имя существительное
letters and packages conveyed by the postal system.
In front of our house is a seldom-used mailbox, because we receive our mail at a post office box in town.
armor made of metal rings or plates, joined together flexibly.
Each Corinthian soldier wore a simple coat of chain mail beneath a set of light plate mail , complete with a helm that was adorned with a small plume of pure white fur.
send (a letter or package) using the postal system.
if you will mail the coupon, we'll send you a free trial package
clothe or cover with mail.
a mailed gauntlet
I don't know why people sell perfectly good stamps below face value when you can always use them to mail letters.
The butler showed up carrying yesterday's mail and the newspaper of today.
As there was a fear that letters may be intercepted, all mail was sent to her maid who did not live in the palace, before they were hand delivered to the Queen.
A cooperative's entire membership can function as a virtual nominating committee by soliciting nominations by mail , or via a newsletter.
Of these hotels, the best is the tiny Splendido Mare, which started life as a hostel in the early 1900s to look after travellers arriving by mail coach in urgent need of food and a bed for the night.
He sat at the kitchen table and poked at yesterday's mail with one finger.
The man-beast tried to bit Wolfus, but his greenish dragon scale mail just wouldn't let its fang through.
The print material is sent via first-class mail the same day the video is sent via third-class mail .
you can order by mail
On completion, the surveys were immediately placed in sealed envelopes before being returned by mail to the first author.