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maid / дева, горничная, служанка
имя существительное
virgin, maiden, maid, may
maid, housemaid, chambermaid, parlourmaid, parlormaid, stewardess
maid, handmaid, maidservant, handmaiden, girl, woman
maiden, damsel, maid, miss
girl, lady, maiden, lass, maid, puss
работать прислугой
служить горничной
имя существительное
a female domestic servant.
An army of servants - maids , footmen, cooks and gardeners - made the luxurious lifestyle of the family possible.
Where Kiaria was a quiet and reserved elven maid , Eva was a loud and borderline obnoxious human woman.
Gracie worked as a live-in domestic maid with a family in Mangalore.
Jenna smiled at her maid , the women she regarded more as a sister or an aunt or on occasions like now a mother.
Suspicions were raised when a chamber maid saw documents in his jacket which contradicted his story.
A maid and a butler hold umbrellas over a couple dancing on a windswept beach in their evening wear, their faces obscured.
In addition to the three aunts the household also included my grandmother, a female cousin and a maid .
The young fifteen-year-old elven maid paraded from her father's cart to the Market streets.
A young justice, the Governer of the town, saw the young maid and fell in love with her.
Nicholas' maid walked into the room informing him a young woman stood at the door looking for him.
Hired security was just like any other kind of staff, just like the maids and the servants and drivers.