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mahogany / красного дерева, сделанный из красного дерева, коричнево-красный
имя прилагательное
красного дерева
сделанный из красного дерева
имя существительное
красное дерево
mahogany, redwood, toon, partridge-wood
обеденный стол
dining table, mahogany
коричневато-красный цвет
имя существительное
hard reddish-brown timber from a tropical tree, used for high-quality furniture.
Artisans carve objects (ranging from wall hangings to furniture) from mahogany and other tropical hardwoods.
the tropical American tree that produces mahogany timber, widely harvested from the wild.
At the higher elevations, manzanita is the abundant shrub, while midslope shrubs include chamise, coffeeberry, redberry, and two kinds of mountain mahoganies .
The furniture was all mahogany and classic looking.
The farm is growing Ipe, mahogany , and teak, but the trees are young.
The bath was enormous, shiny white and surrounded by a wide shelf of polished mahogany .
I gazed at the mahogany of the desk, the long scar made there by a shattering coffee mug almost three years ago.
Trees in the forests include the juniper, the mountain mahogany , the pinion and other pines.
So you'll notice dark-colored wood such as mahogany , and rich colors like burgundy, forest green, yellow, and shades of beige.
Stained a deliciously rich mahogany color, the inside of the Threepersons is light tan.
Traditionally, guitars are made from the world's finest cuts of mahogany and rosewood harvested from rainforests in countries like Brazil.
She tucked a strand of mahogany brown hair that had come loose from her braid behind her ear and smiled at Royce.
Merle was standing in the middle of the garden in her black trousers and white blouse, the sunlight highlighting the red and bronze of her mahogany hair.