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magpie / сорока, болтун, болтунья
имя существительное
magpie, pie
talker, chatterbox, windbag, babbler, gossip, magpie
chatterbox, gossiper, scrambled eggs, gossip, chatterer, magpie
имя существительное
a long-tailed crow with boldly marked (or green) plumage and a raucous voice.
The corvines - crows, rooks, jays, magpies and jackdaws - are relentless stealers of other birds' eggs and chicks.
used in similes or comparisons to refer to a person who collects things, especially things of little use or value, or a person who chatters idly.
The Eameses were magpie collectors of Americana - toys, tools, quilts, cotton reels, primitive paintings - and this love affair shines through their short films.
I managed to avert my eyes in the Christmas decorations section - they're just so sparkly, you see… my magpie tendencies cannot resist.
We are living in a society based on the concept of ownership; a magpie culture.
It was Jo Gordon's trademark Dr Who scarves that first aroused the magpie eyes of the UK fashion pack three years ago, sounding the first death knell for the soppy pashmina.
They are very far from being traditional; they are magpie collectors of everything that might suit them, and that includes rhetoric.
Yet if Paolozzi's work was the result of the brilliant deconstructions and recontextualisations of a magpie mind, at its heart lay simple draughtsmanship, a natural engagement with beauty.
Such are the artist's magpie tendencies that one of the reasons he chose his flat in Leith was that it afforded him a view of a scrapyard.
Together, they form a visual diary of his trips, containing thousands of photographs, ephemera, pages from magazines and newspapers - anything that catches Galliano's magpie eye.
he would carry these documents home to appease his secretive magpie instinct
He was the human sampling machine, selling millions of records and drawing degree-level analysis from critics impressed by his magpie eclecticism and arch intelligence.
Which isn't to say that their music is entirely created by others - but it is a collaborative, magpie process, drawing on the talents of remixers as much as their own restless experiments with samplers and computer programs.