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magnum / большая винная бутыль
имя существительное
большая винная бутыль
jeroboam, magnum
имя существительное
a thing of a type that is larger than normal, in particular.
Then came the magnum era, and people wanted a lightweight, handy rifle to go with their new magnum revolvers.
Spot prizes were raffled after the ride out with a magnum of champagne attracting much attention from the ticket buyers.
For its part, the Stutzen should appeal to the magnum air rifle buff who can also appreciate uncompromising refinement at an affordable price.
The magnum only carried a bullet at a time, so Nanook reloaded every time he shot.
Last Christmas, he presented each of his suite-holders and front-row seat-holders at Toyota Center with a magnum of his wine.
A rare magnum of champagne to celebrate the 1981 marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales is to be auctioned in Swindon.
We took the Tube to ‘the Famous Shoe Designer's’ house and bought a bottle of £4 white wine, but after we arrived they popped open a magnum of champagne.
It's the strongest and the easiest-to-shoot magnum available to handgunners.
In Bordeaux, a double magnum is traditionally considered to be 3 liters, while a Jeroboam is 4.5 liters.
I halted abruptly in front of the horridly painted blue house, threw Jackson my .22 and grabbed my magnum , loading the revolver with six shots.