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magnitude / величина, размеры, важность
имя существительное
value, size, quantity, magnitude, dimension, greatness
measurements, proportions, magnitude, scantling
importance, significance, import, concern, magnitude, gravity
имя существительное
the great size or extent of something.
they may feel discouraged at the magnitude of the task before them
electorates of less than average magnitude
the degree of brightness of a star. The magnitude of an astronomical object is now reckoned as the negative logarithm of the brightness; a decrease of one magnitude represents an increase in brightness of 2.512 times. A star with an apparent magnitude of six is barely visible to the naked eye.
Mars now appears as a moderately bright yellowish-orange star of magnitude + 1.2.
A big thank you also to the sponsors of the various races without whose support and sponsorship it would not have been possible to host an event of this magnitude .
In time he'll come to appreciate the Beatles' artistry and realize the historic magnitude of the events he's covering.
The brightness increases as magnitude lowers.
If the average business tried to pass on price increases of this magnitude to their customers they would quickly find themselves going out of business.
The first danger lies in the unknowables - unpredictable events of such magnitude that they swamp the variables that economists are comfortable dealing with.
The magnitude of these correlations indicates that the constructs of supportiveness and social toy play are related to each other but are not the same thing.
It certainly took everyone by surprise in terms of the scope and magnitude of the devastation.
The size and magnitude of the room overwhelmed Enela.
When the inevitable occurs, and he dies as a result of his fragile constitution, the event is of such magnitude that the narrator is overwhelmed by grief and despair.
Will a park of this massive magnitude get off the ground?