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magnify / увеличивать, преувеличивать, восхвалять
increase, enhance, enlarge, add, magnify, augment
exaggerate, magnify, overstate, overdraw, stretch, amplify
praise, eulogize, magnify, exalt, sing the praises of, glamorize
make (something) appear larger than it is, especially with a lens or microscope.
the camera's zoom mode can magnify a certain area if required
extol; glorify.
praise the Lord and magnify Him
Painted a vivid yellow that is echoed in the striped bedspread, the wall contrasts with adjacent white surfaces to magnify the room's sunlit quality.
Indeed, it is often the case that an area can find itself subjected to a number of tremors, where the effects will overlap and magnify each other.
The endoscope is extremely small, which allows the viewing lens to magnify an image up to 200%.
Isaac Newton proposed using a curved mirror, rather than a lens, to magnify the heavens, and reflecting telescopes are nowadays the norm.
This can be seen as an example of synergistic epistasis, in which deleterious alleles tend to magnify each other's effects.
praise the Lord and magnify Him
These foreground clusters act as lenses that magnify the light of the protogalaxies and allow us to detect and study them.
It is well known that when mixed, chemicals may magnify one another's effects.
Time shall embalm and magnify her name.
These will reflect and magnify any blast on to unprotected buildings over a wider area with potentially disastrous results for their occupants.