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magnification / увеличение, усиление
имя существительное
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, augmentation
gain, strengthening, amplification, intensification, reinforcement, magnification
имя существительное
the action or process of magnifying something or being magnified, especially visually.
visible under high magnification
The scrapings are placed directly on a microscope slide and viewed under magnification for the presence of characteristic Sarcoptes scabiei mite's eggs or faecal pellets.
Binoculars are specified by both their magnification and objective lens diameter.
They can vary in size from needing high power magnification in order to see them to being readily recognizable on low power.
the lines are only visible under high magnification
a magnification of × 7
The thinner the tissue section is, the higher the magnification and resolution of structural detail possible.
The monocular is 5cm of optical magic - x8 magnification , close focusing and fits in a shirt pocket.
To improve on this Galileo learned how to grind and polish his own lenses and by August 1609 he had an instrument with a magnification of around eight or nine.
Reading glasses sold over-the-counter are labeled on a scale that corresponds to the degree of magnification .
In Berning´s latest exhibitions, various work complexes from the past decade appear alongside medializations of the masterpiece - in catalogs, in libraries, on postcards of artworks, in each case alienated by means of a magnification of the original work or a return to the creative moment of the painting.