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magneto / магнето, индуктор
имя существительное
inductor, induction coil, magneto
имя существительное
a small electric generator containing a permanent magnet and used to provide high-voltage pulses, especially (formerly) in the ignition systems of internal combustion engines.
A review of the aircraft's maintenance records did not disclose any previous work written up as having been performed on the magnetos or engine ignition system.
relating to a magnet or magnetism.
This magneto is the type of small generator incorporated in early telephones, and was used to ring telephone bells at the central office and on the subscriber's party line.
A magneto blew up at 9,000 ft over the sea between Cyprus and Jordan, a moment that she describes as ‘heartstopping.’
The firing mechanism mechanically fires the spotting rifle and uses a magneto to fire the rocket.
The hammer was soon replaced by a magneto powered with a hand crank.
Wartime models had only steel wheels, a magneto and hand crank, instead of a battery.
A magneto broke, the supercharger was knocked off the engine, and some connecting rods broke.
After the installation of two new magnetos , Hunter flew on to Cleveland
Each engine had seven improved and interchangeable magnetos , each feeding a grouping of four cylinders.
The magnetos were in the ceiling behind the front pilot.
Carburetors, magnetos and spark plugs were all carefully checked.