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magnetize / намагничивать, намагничиваться, гипнотизировать
hypnotize, mesmerize, magnetize
give magnetic properties to; make magnetic.
Because the string is magnetized , the magnetic field surrounding it will also vibrate with the string.
Placing it close enough to a magnet or placing it in a strong electromagnetic field can magnetize non - magnetized magnetite.
You can't hope to attract or magnetize someone enough to make them love you if they can't see you.
the current creates a field to magnetize the core in alternate directions
The disk drives and floppy drives in your computer also magnetize small dots to store your files.
To magnetize something, you want to have a a residual magnetization in the absence of a applied field.
Not only had the magnetiser the power of making himself heard by the somnambulists, but he could make them follow him by merely pointing his finger at them from a distance, though they had their eyes the whole time completely closed.
This time, as if her eyes were magnetized , Ella noticed the invasion.
The injected electrons caused the magnetization of the destination layer to wobble and emit microwaves, just as blowing into a whistle generates sound waves.
When the material is magnetized , usually by applying a high intensity pulse from an external magnetizing field, many of the individual domains rotate so that they are aligned with the external field.
The current magnetises the iron core and creates a pair of magnetic poles, one North, and the other South.