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magnetism / магнетизм, привлекательность, личное обаяние
имя существительное
magnetism, magnetics
attractiveness, attraction, appeal, allure, grace, magnetism
личное обаяние
имя существительное
a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.
Relativity would arrive, not from concerns over the flaws in Newton's mechanics, but rather from contemplating the forces of electricity and magnetism as well as the mysteries of light.
the ability to attract and charm people.
his personal magnetism attracted men to the brotherhood
Her warm personality and her maternal magnetism draws children near.
She has a demeanor and magnetism that attracts individuals and makes them feel very comfortable in her presence.
Maxwell's theoretical unification of electricity and magnetism was engineered into the modern human power to communicate across space at the speed of light.
Jacques-Louis Lions was a man of considerable personal magnetism and charm, whose charisma, brilliance as a teacher, and accessibility attracted other to work with him.
He was one of the greatest artists ballet has ever produced, a dancer of exceptional ability and magnetism .
People with warm hands have personal magnetism , vivacity, and strength of character.
With three years of top training that included practical experience coupled with the personal magnetism he had onstage, Sansom is well positioned for the next challenge of his career.
The grand aim of De Magnete - to take magnetism beyond the simple use of the compass to find north - was not as successful as Gilbert and Wright had hoped.
In 1820 the Danish physicist H C Orsted produced experimental results on electricity and magnetism .
In many ways, dragging is to gravity what magnetism is to electricity.