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magnet / магнит, притягательная сила
имя существительное
magnet, loadstone, lode
притягательная сила
magnet, allurement
Painted lady and red admiral butterflies, both of which migrated here in early summer, have produced abundant new broods and buddleia blossom is a magnet for their dazzling displays.
For several years, the powerful lights that shine from this hotel have been a magnet for plankton, which in turn attracts the manta rays from nearby deep water.
Benin City's museum might have been a magnet attracting important pieces in local private hands.
The Italian city of marble and water is a magnet for art-lovers, but culture is not the only attraction.
But it was the 1,000m world record holder's reaction to the victory that served as a magnet for the cameras - he broke down in tears.
The main component of the Sun's magnetic field is similar to a bar magnet , with a positive pole and a negative pole.
Hutter spinels are strongly magnetic and can be separated from crushed samples of the rock with a hand magnet .
You effectively have a tiny current going around, and when you have a current like that you have a magnetic field - the electron becomes a tiny magnet .
But if you know your daredevil friend is a magnet for trouble and you're still drawn to her, it's time to put yourself in check.
To complete the magnet , the coils were encased in an iron yoke then wrapped in a 40-millimeter-thick aluminum shell.