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magnate / магнат, вельможа
имя существительное
magnate, baron, captain, lord, king, monarch
nobleman, grandee, magnate
имя существительное
a wealthy and influential person, especially in business.
a media magnate
A more innocent reason for the chat was that Cragnotti, a fruit magnate , was trying to enlist Erikkson as the European face of Del Monte.
Andrew Carnegie was a steel magnate who gave a great deal of money away in his later years to libraries and educational causes.
a media magnate
a property magnate
Mr Trump is the building magnate and author of The Art of the Deal, one of the most successful business best-sellers of all time.
The magnate 's style creates interesting theatre, but is out of place in a modern boardroom.
Property magnate John Bloor bought the land for redevelopment and picked up the Triumph name as part of the deal.
More than 9,000 works of art were donated to the city of Glasgow by the shipping magnate Sir William Burrell and his wife, Constance.
Hugh Allan, the railroad magnate , would steer Scottish immigrants there until they settled in elsewhere.
By 1000 most English bishops were monks, and both bishops and abbots deliberated with lay magnates in the king's council.