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magnanimous / великодушный
имя прилагательное
generous, magnanimous, benevolent, noble, forgiving, gentle
имя прилагательное
very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.
More importantly, the ode implies that Henri is generous and magnanimous .
But despite his disappointment, McCallion was more than magnanimous in defeat.
He had his days of disappointment too, but he was equally gracious and magnanimous in both victory and defeat.
His was a perfectly balanced personality - tolerant, truthful, perspicuous and magnanimous .
It was magnanimous of Mr Beattie to accept responsibility for the failures in our power supply.
It sounds like a very magnanimous thing for Google to do - to build a virtual library of Alexandria, but there is a solid business reason as well.
Matilda's inability to be magnanimous in victory had cost the country another 12 years of civil war.
The tragic blunders of the era of reconstruction came from the lack of such magnanimous politics.
He always showed a wonderful degree of sportsmanship and in victory or defeat was magnanimous to the other side.
Before I was short-tempered and abrasive, but now I have learned the art of becoming more magnanimous .
I wish to thank you for all your support last night and the magnanimous gesture of giving me your water bottle.