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maglev / маглев
магнитная подвеска
имя существительное
a transportation system in which trains glide above a track, supported by magnetic repulsion and propelled by a linear motor.
maglev trains
maglev trains
The city has a new $1 billion airport link that runs on German maglev technology - the first of its kind in the world.
He now wants to build a transatlantic train, maglev in an evacuated tube, that would cross the Atlantic in an hour.
But the spokeswoman said the Hong Kong government pays attention to the development of various railway technologies, including maglev trains, and is open-minded about their application.
maglev trains
Why do we need air travel, when we can travel more efficiently from city center to city center, by train - by maglev - than we can by air?
Unlike other maglev prototypes that travel at high speeds, the Chinese model is a low-speed train designed for urban transportation, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday as the train made its debut.