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magisterial / судейский, авторитетный, судебный
имя прилагательное
judicial, judiciary, magisterial, justiciary
authoritative, prestigious, magisterial, competent, established, grave
judicial, forensic, judiciary, juridical, magisterial, justiciary
имя прилагательное
having or showing great authority.
a magisterial pronouncement
relating to or conducted by a magistrate.
Instead of being terminated, these pilot projects should be expanded to other magisterial districts.
William Randolph Hearst was, as the author of this magisterial study rightly says, a major force in American politics and journalism for half a century.
Volume 2 of Roy Foster's magisterial biography of W. B. Yeats opens in 1915, when Yeats was in his fiftieth year and at a crossroads in his life.
Most readers of this collection will be familiar with Foot's magisterial two-volume biography of Aneurin Bevan, published in 1962 and 1973.
If Professor Kent's study is incisive and short, Lord Hattersley's is long and designed (but fails) to be magisterial .
Roy Keane, perhaps, at his most magisterial , used to command the midfield and dictate traffic.
In his magisterial book on leadership, James MacGregor Burns describes the intellectual as someone concerned with ‘values, purposes and ends that transcend immediate needs’.
Port Elizabeth Chief Magistrate Peter Rothman, who oversees 43 magisterial districts, including East London, said representations were being made to the justice department to address the shortfalls.
They are not claiming magisterial authority and bossing other people around.
The short volume is composed of a set of lectures that Keegan, author of such magisterial works as The First World War and Fields of Battle, wrote in 1988 for the British Broadcasting System.
Hay addresses magisterial misconduct in ‘Dread of the Crown Office: the English Magistracy and King's Bench 1740-1800’.