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magician / маг, волшебник, фокусник
имя существительное
magician, mage, wizard, magus, Magian, warlock
wizard, magician, sorcerer, mage, enchanter, charmer
magician, conjurer, juggler, illusionist, conjuror, prestidigitator
имя существительное
a person with magical powers.
Prophecy and clairvoyance are so widely believed by millions of people that magicians are credited with psychic powers that not even Nostradamus would dare claim.
Self-confidence and power define the magician , doubt and uncertainty are banished.
Knowing the names of these beings gave the magician power to act against them.
He found two knights charging at Mandeera, but they too, suffered from the magician 's tricks.
The evil magician slapped at the air as a malicious grin swept across his childish face.
Maradona admits that he was emotionally dysfunctional from an early age, even though it was soon evident that when he had a ball at his feet, he was a magician , blessed with genius.
In one trick, the magician tosses a new deck of cards into the audience, where it is caught by someone, whose name turns out to be Susan.
It's a testament to the power of this one magician that so much energy is spent refuting him.
Prof. Kamesh is a well-known magician whose tricks are based on a theme.
At the first stroke of the bell it was as if a magician 's wand had smitten the dancers.
It's the skill of the magician in creating a story the audience can care about.