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maggoty / червивый, с причудами
имя прилагательное
wormy, grubby, maggoty
с причудами
cranky, crank, fanciful, maggoty, notional
The poor contestants had to eat maggoty , old cheese to advance.
I thought perhaps of food, the maggoty noodles, and then I thought no, of some great feast, baskets and platters and cornucopias.
I wash the dirt carefully off their stems, slice away any maggoty flesh, and cook them in garlic and cream.
The investigation began with the discovery of a deer carcass, decaying and maggoty , that had been dumped at the school's front door.
He was hungry, but he'd rather starve to death than eat the maggoty meat and rice the guards tossed in once a day.
The mushroom man, for instance - who also sold dates, walnuts and the best olives I've ever eaten - treated me better after an epic row over maggoty porcini which secured the refund I was after and also attracted a small approving crowd.
In the hold of the Dunera they had drawn drawings, held lectures in philosophy, formed a debating society, fashioned chess sets out of maggoty bread-dough.
He and the crew have had to subsist on maggoty hardtack, cold gruel, and a slimy block of cheese that has become host to a most foul-tasting clutch of worms.
A west Wiltshire informant tells me that as a child he was cautioned against picking maggoty blackberries, ‘because the fairies had weed on them.’