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madness / безумие, сумасшествие, безумство
имя существительное
madness, frenzy, insanity, folly, lunacy, distraction
madness, craziness, dementia, distraction
madness, folly, desperation
rabies, rage, fury, frenzy, furiousness, madness
имя существительное
the state of being mentally ill, especially severely.
In any case, my mental state bordered on madness , and twenty-four hours of Paris sufficed to restore me to my equilibrium.
Given the madness and, some say, the sheer stupidity of the event, the number of fatalities is quite low.
Chaotic dogfights appeared and disappeared in the madness of the battle, as either attacker or defender was killed.
So for madness and mayhem, fun and fanfare, chalk it down, it's Hulla-baloo for Waterford.
Twenty minutes after the final out, I'm standing on the field in the midst of absolute madness .
How come Jack McConnell greeted all the madness and mayhem of Wednesday's debate on the Licensing Bill with the widest of smiles?
I know I have asked this question before but why is this kind of madness allowed to continue?
What you are talking about is unusual behaviour, not madness .
The link between creativity, brilliance and madness has long fascinated us, but is there any basis to it?
Some people think fragmentation is unhealthy or it's schizophrenia or madness .
There are many Liverpool fans who will have spent the last week laughing uproariously at the madness of it all.