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madly / безумно, бешено, крайне
madly, deliriously, like fury
furiously, madly, frantically, rabidly, without restraint, amuck
extremely, utterly, exceedingly, sorely, enormously, madly
in a manner suggesting or characteristic of insanity.
his eyes bulged madly
Peter Grayson was the smoothest boy in town and every girl for miles around was madly in love with him.
I did fall madly in love with him and those feelings don't die.
A ‘precocious five-year-old’, he was taken by his mother to see The Sound of Music and fell madly in love with Julie Andrews.
She is madly in love with Oscar, who regards her as his best pal and nothing more.
As she travels about, she meets many interesting people, including the prince who falls madly in love with her in spite of the fact he believes her to be an ordinary country maid.
the boys are all madly in love with you
He leaped to his feet, cursing madly and staring around with wild eyes.
He smiled in the way that fathers do… you know, that smile they give the boy that they know their daughter is falling madly in love with.
I fell madly in love with the country and its people.
The novel's heroine, however, is so determined to have her day in church that when her lacklustre fiancé dumps her with six weeks to spare she madly decides to go ahead with the wedding anyway.