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madhouse / сумасшедший дом
имя существительное
сумасшедший дом
madhouse, lunatic asylum, nuthouse, bedlam, bughouse, booby hatch
имя существительное
a mental institution.
As for Van Gogh, he was confined in a madhouse for one reason; he was a madman.
Inside, it smelled more like a madhouse than a clinic.
The idea is that America has become a madhouse , but the film's idiotic storyline and grotesque stereotypes of mental illness undercut its intended social impact.
The ‘Where’ is the campus of the alternative high school, ‘the claustrophobic madhouse .’
The road to creativity passes so close to the madhouse , and often detours or ends there.
I'm sorry we lose the ransom; but it was either that or Bill Driscoll to the madhouse .
this place is a madhouse
And would one's meal be as enjoyable if the restaurant lacked a staff whose unflagging charm turns what could be a madhouse into a many-splendored thing?
The place is a madhouse and colorful beyond description.
But they've shut up the madhouse and nobody knows if they're coming or going.
The person who came up with this programme is a madman from a madhouse , a madman but a genius.