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madden / сводить с ума, доводить до бешенства, раздражать
сводить с ума
dement, mad, drive crazy, madden, craze, drive mad
доводить до бешенства
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, madden
enrage, madden, drive wild
сходить с ума
go crazy, go mad, mad, run mad, craze, madden
make (someone) extremely irritated or annoyed.
the audacity of the convicts maddened the governor
Like an elephant beset by bees, or the straw that broke the camel's back, this week's swarm of small irritating things could madden even tolerant Taurans.
The more complicated your life gets, the more people you interact with on a daily basis, the more incidents occur that can irritate, annoy, incense, madden , infuriate and enrage.
Where Nira and Honey had gotten such expensive things, she never asked, lest she madden them.
She lay as still as she could so as not to madden her captors.
We all need the sustenance of classic and art films that madden , provoke, disturb and challenge us - at least until they come out with the Star Wars II DVD.
This is by no means the only matter that manages to madden him.
Living in that vile woman's grasp, it was like being watched by a vigilant, maddened cat, always with the claws out, ready to pounce on us.
The French responded by dismounting most of their knights at Agincourt to prevent their horses being maddened by arrows, but here too the result was the same.
His family is maddened by his indifference to the bridal candidates they present to him.
Tragedy and romance have never been so irresistibly entwined: the beautiful young queen, maddened by grief, hastening to join her dead lover, Mark Antony, through the kiss of an asp.