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madcap / сумасброд, сорванец, сорвиголова
имя существительное
madcap, screwball, madman, nut, oddball, zany
madcap, romp
desperado, madcap, romp, hotspur, slashing fellow, tear-away
имя прилагательное
extravagant, erratic, madcap, mad
reckless, foolish, unreasonable, foolhardy, rash, madcap
irresponsible, reckless, unaccountable, feckless, wanton, madcap
имя прилагательное
amusingly eccentric.
a surreal, madcap novel
имя существительное
an eccentric person.
Having secured two acting legends and a comic madcap , the rest of the casting fell into place.
We won't reveal any more of the crazy, madcap story line suffice to say that in the best tradition of musicals they all live happily ever after, with a few surprises.
The result is a zany weekend of madcap musical comedy in classic Rankin / Bass style.
The red of her coat brought out the natural glow of her skin, and a bandage on her temple made her look madcap and rakish.
Pursuing any technological bet is regarded as a madcap scheme; again, how times change!
She didn't pause to think of Bob's age - just to be with him and join in his madcap schemes was sufficient.
Where kooky, zany, and madcap meet is the locus of Jacquelyn Reingold's modest but spunky comedy String Fever.
Thus what initially appears to be a madcap scheme begins to have its merits.
He may not squish the opposition but he has hit upon the (almost literally) madcap scheme of wearing a different hat for every race.
‘We think this is a madcap scheme that will destroy one of Lancaster's best known and loved beauty spots,’ says Kathryn Fahy, one of the picnic organisers.
Here was this motley crew, coming along with a madcap idea, but they could see they were getting something unique.