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madam / мадам, госпожа, сударыня
имя существительное
madam, madame
mistress, lady, madam, Frau, madame, dame
имя существительное
used to address or refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way.
Can I help you, madam?
After she was through, Vidal replied simply and tersely, ‘Are you running for office, madam ?’
‘Erm, I'm sorry, madam , but do you have a picture of what you want? ‘she asked tentatively.’
He bowed deeply and said, ‘Please excuse my rudeness, madam .’
Should we not be returning back to the manor by now, madam ?
When I was a Hollywood madam , I had between 20 and 70 girls working for me and once made $97,000 in a single day on commissions.
Can I help you, madam?
In addition to good managerial skills, a successful madam needed the cooperation of the police and other local authorities.
Her chance came in this 15 th-century tragicomedy by Fernando de Rojas about a madam at a brothel who agrees to help a nobleman seduce a young virgin.
‘I'm sure that she appreciates your kindness, madam ,’ Legacy said politely.
Perhaps it will ease Eleanor's leaving if I were to give this to you, madam .