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macroeconomics / макроэкономика
имя существительное
macroeconomics, macroeconomy
имя существительное
the part of economics concerned with large-scale or general economic factors, such as interest rates and national productivity.
Dr. Fontana's interests include macroeconomics , monetary economics, history of economic thought, and methodology.
A group of three papers and three comments considers Fisherian themes in monetary economics and macroeconomics .
Even general theory itself was now compartmentalized into microeconomics and macroeconomics .
He had strong views, though possibly less so in trade theory and policy than in macroeconomics and monetary theory.
His research interests include the history of macroeconomics , the history of game theory, and the history of women in economics.
Yet every economics student knows that when you start out in pursuit of the dismal science, you are given two textbooks: one about microeconomics and one about macroeconomics .
To conduct macroeconomics without paying any attention to prices, other than interest rates - that is, to imagine that all wages are rigid and all prices are rigid - is going too far.
You end up, frankly, with no ideas about macroeconomics and economic policy, other than that it's scary.
When I was in college I took two intro economics courses: macroeconomics and microeconomics.
The net domestic or national product in macroeconomics is derived by deducting the value of depreciation from the estimated gross domestic or national product.
Most of macroeconomics today is monetary economics.