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macrobiotic / вегетарианский, макробиотический, долговечный
имя прилагательное
vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic
longevous, longeval, macrobiotic, long-lived
имя прилагательное
constituting, relating to, or following a diet of whole pure prepared foods that is based on Taoist principles of the balance of yin and yang.
I wanted my body to devote itself to getting better, not digesting unhealthy food, so I worked out a diet based on macrobiotic and Ayurvedic principles and ate only organically grown food.
имя существительное
the use or theory of a macrobiotic diet.
In macrobiotics some food is beneficial at certain times.
I went on a very strict macrobiotic diet and I didn't go out partying.
Years ago, in fact, when Carol Channing was following a macrobiotic diet, she would show up in the best restaurants and fanciest homes with a little brown bag with her meal therein.
In addition, persons that are strict vegetarians or have macrobiotic diets may need vitamin B 12 supplements.
The problem was that Eric decided to go on a macrobiotic diet to cleanse his system and he lost so much weight you could see his skull under his skin.
Umm, there is nothing on the menu that fits a macrobiotic diet.
The macrobiotic diet contains whole foods that are extremely high in natural minerals and include: grains, beans, vegetables and sea vegetables, sea salt, and miso.
If a macrobiotic diet is healthy it is by accident, since foods are selected not for their physical or nutritional qualities, but for their metaphysical properties.
The other problem is that the only other time she felt good about her body and weight was on a very strict macrobiotic diet.
Lower bone mineral content also was found in children who had consumed a macrobiotic diet compared with those who had not consumed a macrobiotic diet in the first six years of life.
I've followed a healthy macrobiotic diet for 10 years now, which means that I try to stick to fresh organic food and avoid dairy and meat.