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mackintosh / макинтош, непромокаемый плащ, непромокаемое пальто
имя существительное
mac, mackintosh, macintosh, slicker
непромокаемый плащ
raincoat, waterproof, oilskin, slicker, rainsuit, mackintosh
непромокаемое пальто
raincoat, mackintosh, macintosh
имя существительное
a full-length waterproof coat.
The cold, damp winters require heavy coats, mackintoshes (rain-coats), and warm woolen clothes.
Jim Gordon cuts a weatherbeaten figure, with his tired eyes and battered mackintosh .
Clad in a nightdress, boots (no socks) and a mackintosh , I am swept along by the crowd running before the speeding police jeeps until we are surrounded on all sides by heavily armed police.
At the annual Agricultural and Horse Show at Moreton-in-Marsh on Saturday it was advisable to wear gum boots and have a mackintosh handy for the next storm.
Morning by morning in a mackintosh and cap, in which he was not seen at other times, he found his way across the bridge to the New Court baths.
The ‘official uniform’ consisted of a blue skirt and walking bloomers, a white blouse, a hat, walking shoes, a mackintosh , and a sweater.
It shows a man in a grey mackintosh , surrounded by archaic listening equipment.
I hung on to the back of his kilt as he set off in his stout brogues and little protection against the weather other than a sou'wester and a mackintosh .
a mackintosh hat
One of the things I most liked having was a mackintosh , sou'wester and gum boots.
She had to borrow a plastic mackintosh from a friend to avoid embarrassment at the police station where she was to be interviewed.