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mackerel / скумбрия, макрель
имя существительное
mackerel, scomber
имя существительное
a migratory surface-dwelling predatory fish, commercially important as a food fish.
Most scombrids (tunas, mackerels , and bonitos) are important food, commercial, and sport fishes.
Vitamin D is found in egg yolk, butter and oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel , herring and sardine.
Oily varieties to go for include salmon, trout, mackerel , herring and sardine.
To serve, spoon some vegetables and broth into a soup bowl and set a mackerel fillet on top.
Smoked mackerel smelled and tasted like smoked fish, and I found it pretty good.
The children at Eton rather despised the sort of common fish we were given: cod, herring, mackerel .
Together with some mates we all go out fishing off the coast of Hove where we catch sea bass and mackerel .
The only species of fish that would be ineligible were sea trout, mackerel , launce and herring.
I remember catching my first mackerel on a family holiday at Scarborough.
Fish is most beneficial for the body when it comes in an oily form such as mackerel , trout or salmon.
Rinse and dry the mackerel and lay them skin-side down in a lightly oiled dish.