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macho / мачо, самец, мужественный человек
имя существительное
male, buck, bull, cock, mate, macho
мужественный человек
man, macho
имя существительное
a man who is aggressively proud of his masculinity.
In the rest of Mexico, coquettish gay extroverts like these would be hounded out of town by the local machos : there would be shouts of ‘putos’ or ‘jotos’ (poofs, faggots), cat-whistles, the odd missile.
имя прилагательное
showing aggressive pride in one's masculinity.
the big macho tough guy
имя существительное
a compact object, such as a brown dwarf, a low-mass star, or a black hole, of a kind that is thought by some to constitute part of the dark matter in galactic halos.
He behaved differently around other men in general and found himself slipping into a much more aggressive and macho posture in everyday life.
It looks sporty, but with an unusually rigid, tough, macho appearance.
I think what the subject needs is a little constructive macho .
Pride and passion, macho and vulnerability, competitiveness and exhaustion all intermingle on the stage.
‘The Studs start off as macho guys who don't give a damn, but when they find they might lose their girlfriends, they realise they care more than they thought,’ Steel says.
The Dodge is the closest to the Titan in terms of macho styling and tough attitude.
I would like to find a guy who can handle that, but am also not looking for an overly macho type.
People (who I'm guessing are macho guys) are revving their cars up & down the streets outside.
The immense power of the trade unions was often ego and macho driven, and on many occasions that power was wielded mercilessly for short-term gain.
I seem to remember a lot of guys with cheap macho posturing about killing them all and letting God sort them out, and so forth.