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machinist / машинист, механик, слесарь
имя существительное
driver, machinist, engineer, engine driver, mechanic, motorman
mechanic, fitter, engineer, mechanician, machinist, operator
locksmith, mechanic, fitter, machinist, artificer
имя существительное
a person who operates a machine, especially a machine tool.
Big or small, companies employed mainly skilled machinists , machine operators, and precision assemblers.
Whether you were a carpenter or a welder or a pipe-fitter or a machinist , whether you worked on an assembly line, you were a member of the working class, the labour class.
The son of an Akron, Ohio, scrap-metal dealer, Ovshinsky skipped college to become a tool maker and machinist .
I'm an outside machinist for National Steel and Shipbuilding Company and my operation is, right now, is to work on the boat deck.
After his demob, Mr Harris worked as a plumber and his wife as a machinist .
Valdez could be a Boeing machinist , Microsoft code writer, garment maker or call-center receptionist.
Boehmer left the Marine Corps and joined Hobart in its machine shop, where he learned on the job how to become a machinist and a toolmaker.
Brad became a machinist himself, doing contract work for companies like Catapillar and McDonald-Douglas over the next decade and a half.
Factory worker Catherine had left a job as a machinist when she picked up some part-time shifts at the café at world-famous Wigan Pier, washing up and pouring tea.
Before taking up art he worked in industry as a machinist , blacksmith, and tool and die maker, and he brought to his sculpture consummate skills in metalworking.
The company was founded in 1976 by Jess Briley, by vocation a machinist and oil field engineer, by avocation a competitive skeet shooter.